About Therapy CenterStage Productions

As Many of you know, Broadway and Opera often make light of human characteristics and issues, while at the same time speak to the heart of the hurting  soul in a way that is both serious and therapeutic. Whether as comedic relief or high drama, the stage is where real--life-challenges can be expressed. We welcome you into the world of musical theatre, as we clinical therapist, seek to help others better understand the gravity of mental health concerns and increase their awareness for the cause. Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring much needed attention to mental health through these exciting concert venues.

Each of us have been trained as classical musicians, either as vocalists, pianists, and/or organists.  Through out our discussions it quickly became evident that our love of music was inevitabley linked to our mission. Memories of listening to Broadway Musicals, frequenting live theatre, singing with our families and friends, our experiences with the symphony, and attending the opera are all a part of the tapestry that are our pasts.

Having such a diversity  in our backgrounds brings a seemingly endless string of influences to our musical tastes and personal styles. As musicians, however, we all see the healing power in music, especially music that speaks to the heart and soul and brings healing to our spirit.

In 2012, Therapy CenterStage Producitons expanded our mission to include ALL expressive arts.  It became evermore evident to us that healing comes in ALL forms of expressive arts.  It is through the arts whether music, drama, sculpting, drawing, painting, dancing, photography, etc... that life experiences are not only played out, but also the emotional connections are experiences on a universal level.  Through the arts we can feel more deeply, straight to the core of our being.  These experiences can be ever more powerful when experienced collectively.  We promote these experiences and encourage our members, followers, and community to allow themselves these experiences through our productions.

Thank you for supporting our mission!  We look forward to seeing and thriving with you all!

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