Join the Chorus - Let's all use our voices

For those walking a personal journey


  • I am walking a journey over which I have control

  • We are all on a continuim of mental health. Although there are days I struggle, there is help and help is always available for me.

  • I am a valuable person and I deserve to be treated with respect and dignity by others and myself.

  • I am responsible for the decisions and choices I make in my life and take full responsibility for my actions.

  • Educating myself about the symptoms of my condition, and any side effects I may have from treatment, will help me find and use the resources I need to work in maintaining my stability.

  • Communicating about my experiences with others will help them support me in difficult times.

  • If I am feeling suicidal, it is critical that I reach out for help, for in the face of real pain and suffering, it is others who can help me with a commitment to live.

  • I can reduce stigma in myself and in others by becoming an example of how one can live and thrive with a psychiatric disorder and not be controlled by it.

  • I agree to engage in positive self-care and allow the healing properties of the expressive arts to assist in maintaining a health lifestyle.

  • I will promote to others the importance of self-care and encourage their involvement in the expressive and creative arts.


For Friends/Family walking the journey


  • Should someone I know being living with a psychiatric diagnosis I will support and encourage them to engage in proper self-care and treatment in order to thrive along their journey.

  • I agree to promote the healing powers of the expressive arts by actively participating and encouraging others to participate in the expressive arts.

  • If someone I know exhibits sudden changes in behavior I will pay attention and reach out to them.

  • If someone I know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, I will take it seriously and make every effort to ensure they get help.

  • I will not engage in or tolerate stigma of any kind and will commit myself to changing the way society views people living with psychiatric conditions.

  • I can personally make a difference by educating myself and others about mental health issues and the devastating effects of stigma and agree to promote the positive message that people can/do thrive while living with these conditions.

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