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Therapy CenterStage Productions - Mental Health Benefit Concert 2012
Mental Health Benefit Concert 2012


Carol Meyer Willingham

Jason P.  Francis


Scott Kassner (Piano)

In 2012, Therapy CenterStage Productions (TCSP) was chosen as the recipient for a charity concert hosted by The Chapel at Caliber Oak in Salado, Texas.  Co-founder Jason P. Francis, LPC, NCC was invited by Caliber Oak to give a performance for the 2012-2013 Chapel Music Series for which all proceeds would be dontated to TCSP.  This evening raised $3000.00 for our charity from the generous donations of a packed housed.  Jason was joined by his friends Carol Meyer Willingham, LCSW, LMFT as a special guest vocalist along with Scott Kassner on piano.  The trio was also joined by hostess Denise Thomssen as flautist on "Pearls on a Chain". This was a special evening for Jason as it was the first time in 25 years that he had performed with Scott since they both toured together in 1987 through out the US and the United Kingdom.  "What a great night of sharing the stage with an "old" friend and a "new" friend at the same time. I love this about music and performing. The simple fact that it brings people together on a level unsurpassed by anything other experience." ... Jason Francis.


The evening brought selections from Mozart, Donizetti, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Amy Sky, Olivia Newton-John, Charlie Chaplin, and Nat King Cole.


We are all connected on this journey of mental health ... all connected like pearls on a chain.

You can read the blog entry by Jason about the preparation for the concert here.


You can also visit Jason's website at for more information on Jason and his continued involvement in music and clinical work.


Visit Scott Kassner at

Full video of the evening's performance.

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