Share your story!

Sharing the stories of our journies through mental health can be empowering and healing.  We all have been effected by either our events or by caring for one who is on there journey.  We at Therapy CenterStage Productions encourage others to speak out of their  experiences and successes.  We can all thrive along the journey if we strengthen and encourage each other.

Jason ...

" My family has been no stranger to the effects of mental illness.  We, however, like to think of this as a journey that we all travel in life.  There are ups and downs that we all face and it is with the encouragement of others that we can pull through and thrive.  Music has always been a very important part of our family, as has art.  It is during the times we share the connection of the music that we feel more connected and bonded. These connections are indeed vital to navigating through our difficult times. Thank you to Therapy CenterStage Productions for promoting the healing powers/effects of ALL forms of the expressive arts! My family is greatful for your support!! "

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